A story of WELLNESS

How We Got Our Start

Nattrend opened our doors to the public in 2001 by our founder, Rudie H. Schramm, as an entrepreneur in the health industry. As Nattrend grew, we were able to expand our brand to include a wider range of health supplements and vegetable oils.

Our founder, being a father and grandfather, transferred his passion for everything relating to health and wellness to his children and grandchildren who are now involved in building and expanding the brand and business.

Our commitment to source pure, nutritious, and honest  raw materials that will add to and aid healthy lifestyles, is evident in the quality of products that we supply.

Since 2001, Nattrend has established a reputation as one of the leading health supplement suppliers, mainly in Gauteng. This reputation has enabled the business to expand its range of products and the number of outlets.

Starting as a small business, Nattrend is a family-run business with big dreams. Our passion for health and wellness encouraged us to source and provide only the purest and highest quality of products which contain no fillers or binders.

We pledge nothing but the highest quality products.


Our motived team strives to be creative and keep up with the latest trends in the health industry. We always try to put our clients’ well-being first resulting in several satisfied, happy and healthy clients. 

We take pride in knowing we add a little something pure to this world.